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asylum-art posted:

 Burning Man 2014 Moments by Trey Ratcliff

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Embrace was a 72 ft wooden, cathedral-like sculpture of two human figures, “in celebration of all our relationships”. The site-specific artwork was created by the Pier Group for Burning Man 2014.
It was the largest project to date for the Pier Group, which gained acclaim for its previous Burning Man installations The Pier, Pier 2, and the Ichthyosaur Puppet Project. Crews began construction on Embrace in October 2013 at the Generator community art space in Reno, and in studios in Vancouver and Portland.
During this year’s festival the massive wooden sculpture was set aflame and Trey Ratcliff was on hand to capture the incredible moment. Below you can see what the interactive sculpture looked like before it was burned.

I need to go next year

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Traditional tattooing, or being traditional, doesn’t mean staying stuck in the past. It means nurturing something that came way before you because you deeply hope that it will continue way after you. It’s about being in the middle, not being at the end. You‘re not initiating something. nor having the last word, you’re just carrying it through, with the time you’ve got.
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